What To Expect From Your Eye Test

Having an eye test is not something that you should be scared of; your eye test in Coventry will take only around ten minutes and that will include an examination of the health of your eyes. Your local opticians in Coventry understand the importance of the health of your eyes, and they will carry out all the tests to ensure that you get the very best diagnosis.

The way eye testing is carried out has changed a great deal over the year, and old fashioned charts that you were used to as a child now only make up a very small proportion of your test. Special equipment will be used to look at the health of your eyes; these testing machines can determine the onset of cataracts long before you start having trouble with your eye sight.

Your eye test will be carried out in a darkened room away from public view, and in the case that you are attending with your child you will be welcomed to sit with them as they have their eyes examined. The routine test will take around ten minutes, and in the event that problems are found further testing may be carried out or referral to a specialist.

Your results of your eye test will be available for you to take with you, and if you need a prescription for your eyes the staff at your local optician will be able to help you choose frames or indeed make the decision between glasses and contact lenses. When you are an NHS patient you will often receive vouchers that will help with the cost of your glasses; prescriptions for children are entirely free and pensioners will also not have to pay.

You should get an eye test in Coventry by an optician at least once a year; this service will be free of charge. When you need help with reading your glasses will be made in the lab and will be ready for you to pick up just a few days later. Services from your local optician will also include the repair of glasses, and the repositioning of frames that have become worn over time. There is nothing wrong with wearing glasses, and you should not be ashamed to do so; so if you think you may need glasses for reading close up or even for driving then book an appointment for an eye test today.