Opticians: What Do They Do?

Every part of the human body has a specific doctor for it. As the saying goes “the eyes are the windows to the soul”. People would need to take care of it because it is one of the senses that are difficult to lose. Taking care of it would mean that one would have to go to an eye doctor. Eye doctors have different levels of education. The ophthalmologist has the highest education attainment. They have to take a four year course in a university. After that one would have to take additional eight years for their specialization and another two years for their fellowship and subspecialty. The fellowship and subspecialty courses are taken so that the doctor can specialize in different diseases like corneal ulcers, retinal detachment, glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy and can also deal with pediatrics and neurology. Ophthalmologists are allowed to prescribe medicines. They also prescribe eye glasses. They are licensed to practice surgery and treat all eye diseases for a patient. Some Ophthalmologists devotes their time in research to improve their knowledge and to discover advances that can help in treating diseases better.

While on the other hand, the Opticians are like the assistants of Ophthalmologists or Optometrists. If an individual is looking for opticians in Aberdeen there are some listed on the yellow pages and some are on the net. Opticians have limited responsibilities. There are a lot of things that an Ophthalmologist can that an Optician cannot do because they are not equipped to do so and not licensed to do so. Optician can only check the prescription that an Optometrist or Ophthalmologists prescribed. They can fit glasses and check if the lenses are correct from the prescription. They can be assisted to dispense medicines for the patients. They are also allowed to fit in some non-surgical apparatus to correct the eye sight of the patient. If an individual is curious if the eye clinic can also give eye test one can look on the net and use the key words eye test in Aberdeen. This will lead to a list of clinics with eye test as their service in their clinic. For experienced Opticians, eye test can also be one of their responsibilities. There are Opticians that wants to have more study and these are the ones who get some certificates and are allowed to take more responsibilities.

Optometrists are the ones who can also prescribe medicines and glasses for the patients. They can fit and choose what frames look good for the patients. They also do the eye test for the patients. They are the ones who read the results of the eye test and decide what the grade of the lens is needed to help in the eye sight of the patient. They are the ones mostly in the clinics with the opticians to supervise the opticians of some procedures that one needs to do like eye test and other things. It is always important to know what the problem is to decide where one is going to have the eyes checked.